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Make Money With Construct 2 Games: How To Add Admob To Your Android Games

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This book will help you… to insert AdMob ads into your Construct 2 Android mobile games, and build it using PhoneGap build. At time of writing, trying to find out how to do this from the Internet, is almost impossible as there is no one reliable source that seems to work. Everything seems to be in bits and pieces all over the Internet. Some partially works, and some just fails. I have done the research and put together everything you need to know to get it to work. And this book is the culmination of my work. The contents of this book is geared towards Construct 2.

I wrote this book because… has died. Yes, you heard it right. by Ludei was the only workable way to add AdMob into your Construct 2 Android mobile games. Unfortunately, the owners decided to close it all down in early 2019, leaving us with nothing. Intel xdk had already died earlier, so what else is there? PhoneGap. But getting AdMob and PhoneGap to play along was no easy task. It was almost a hackish activity trying to figure how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 game and yet be able to convert it to an apk file for publishing on Google Play. Game developers like myself started experimenting with AdMob and PhoneGap, and had to endure the frustration of the lack of support and tutorial from Scirra or anywhere else on the Internet. Nobody seems to care or bother about Construct 2 game developers. So, after much sweat and tears, I finally found out how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 and make it work with PhoneGap. Hence this book. This book was written for 2 reasons. First, it is to document what I have found and second to help others who are facing this issue as well.

This book covers:

* Creating a simple Construct 2 game
* Adding Event Handlers
* Installing AdMob Plugin
* Creating admob event sheet
* Using cordova admobfree plugin
* Exporting a cordova project
* Uploading to github
* Creating a phonegap build account
* Uploading files and building an apk
* Installing and using Nox player android emulator
* Creating a keystore
* Signing an apk

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