Learn Ethical Hacking By Hacking Real Websites Legally

If you want to learn ethical hacking the fun and easy way like playing a computer game, then this course is for you. I will show you a fun way to learn hacking and yet enjoy the thrills of hacking real websites legally and solving each level and going from easy and gradually to more advanced levels Рjust like paying online games. 

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The website we will be hacking is HackThis!! which is a popular hacker’s playground where hackers play hacking games reminiscent of CTF (Capture the Flag) and learn at the same time. However, without some help and guidance you will find it quite challenging. Hence this course. I will walk through each level from Main to Basic, then Intermediate all the way  to SQL Injection.

You do not need to go through the hassle of installing virtual machines  or Linux on your computer. All you need is a PC. In this course I am only using a Windows PC to do hacking.

So, go ahead and checkout this course now and start hacking the fun and easy way!